About Gordian Media

Gordian Media is a small but dynamic team who offer a wealth of experience in Television, Radio and Digital Media.

​Based in Sydney Australia, Gordian Media seeks to work with our broadcasters and partners to create first class content and deliver creative solutions that connect with audiences both here in Australia and around the world.

​Creativity is our life-blood so as well as developing our own ideas we are also keen work with passionate creators to support bringing their ideas to life.

Meet Our Team

Fun Fact: The name Gordian Media was inspired by the ancient fable of the Gordian Knot, which is associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem solved easily by finding a loophole or thinking creatively (“cutting the Gordian knot”).

Our culture is really important to us – so we ensure that our teams work with efficiency, humour, respect and decency. The people we work with have a great combination of work ethics and skills – which makes them awesome people to work with.

Gordian Media does not aim to be all things to all people, nor do we profess to be the ones who have all the solutions to hand, but if we don’t, then we do know people that will.

In production there are always going to be unforeseen events – it is not what happens but how you respond that guarantees the success of a project.

Our Productions


If you have an idea or a project, let’s collaborate and create some awesome content.

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